Why Fresh Spice is Better Spice

Why Fresh Spice is Better Spice?

As, many good cooks know, fresh ingredients make any dish come alive.

Fresh, highly fragrant spices get their flavor from the unique composition of essential oils housed in the cells of the spice plant.

Essential oils are volatile at room temperature and will eventually evaporate. When a ground spice is exposed to air, bright light or heat, the concentration of oil is diminished and the spice looses its flavoring ability.

Our new line of spices is housed in a multi-layer package that has been especially designed to keep air, moisture, and light out.

Plastic and foil layers create a barrier that prevents the plant’s (spice or herb) essential oil from evaporating. *

In addition, each package is individually heat sealed to create an airtight barrier. We never use vacuum seals, as we believe that vacuum packaging extracts some of the more delicate flavor notes.

We have also found that our packaging system is superior to clear glass jars… as standard glass jars permit exposure to light, which over time will drain color and promote evaporation.

As a general rule, your spices and dried herbs will last longer if they are stored in a tightly sealed, opaque container that is positioned away from heat (stove, dishwasher, toaster) and direct light (window);ground peppers will last longer when stored in the refrigerator.