Why Packaging is Important?

Why Packaging is Important?

Like you, I love to cook. But, I just don’t have the time to cook everyday.

When I do cook, I want to thoroughly enjoy the meal. Everything has to be fresh.

Before, I developed the Occasional Gourmet line of spices, I found myself spending way too much on spices and seasonings that were used only once.

To obtain that compelling, fresh flavor, I would purchase a jar or two of new spices, every time I wanted to create something great for my guests.

The purchase would be justified by rationalizing that the remaining spice would be “used-up” the next time I made the dish.

No matter what I intended, the spices would just sit. In the rush of my daily routine, a quick meal requiring little preparation always won out. That’s how I ended up with a cupboard filled with jars of stale, partially-used spices and seasonings. I found myself consistently overpaying for expensive, standard sized jars of spices that would only be used once a year.

I thought there has got to be a better way! And once, I did my research, I found there is a better way.

By adopting modern vapor barrier materials, I was able to create a breakthrough in the way spices are packaged. Now your spice purchases will stay fresh until opened. Plus, our recipe friendly sizing allows you to purchase just the right amount of spice for that special occasion.

Now, you never have to settle for using expensive seasonings of questionable potency again.

You’ll sense the difference every time you open a pack.

Juliet Mae