As I began the research to develop our new line of spices and herbs, it became clear that most of us are occasional users of seasonings. Rarely do many of us have the time or inclination to spend hours of shopping or preparing meals. But everyone appreciates a well made meal. That was the inspiration for The Occasional Gourmet spice line.

I wanted to take a new approach, one that put the consumer in charge. By moving away from standard sizing and packaging treatments, I developed a better way to provide a consistently fresh product that fits today’s busy lifestyle.

Like you, I love to cook. But, I just don’t have the time to cook everyday. When I do cook, I want to everything to be the best. Typically, I would buy new jars of spices to accompany a special meal. That’s how I ended up with a cupboard filled with jars of stale, partially-used spices and seasonings. I thought there has got to be a better way! And once, I did my research, I found I wasn’t alone. Many consumers felt like I did. They felt they consistently overpaid for expensive spices that would be used only once or twice a year. Now, those days are over!

At Juliet Mae, our aim is to continually strive to present innovative ideas and products that allow the experienced or novice cook to attain a wonderful result… all without fussing around to find basic information, dealing with complicated cooking techniques or searching for authentic ingredients.

Whether you are looking for high quality or hard-to-find ingredients, or you just want to jazz up chicken with a little curry, I sincerely hope you will make the Occasional Gourmet your first stop on the internet.


Juliet Mae


As we began to develop our own spice blends, we were incredibly fortunate to find professional chefs, friends and family that were wonderfully generous with their time and energy. To them, I wish to express my thanks.

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