A Review of Home Food Delivery Services

Not too long ago, if you wanted food that you could either take out or was delivered right to your door you ordered pizza simply because this food dominated the take-out and delivery business. The success of these businesses who offered people the choice of picking up their food orders or delivering it to their doors made others in the food industry sit up and take notice. Pretty soon other types of cuisine were being offered for delivery by numerous individual places and franchises. Read a review of Chef’s Plate, one particular meal delivery service that is very popular in Canada and the United States.

It didn’t take long for the home food delivery service to become a trend around the world, with 6 to 12% of all restaurant food sales going to these services. This number is expected to reach 20% of sales over the next few years.

The growth in the food delivery service obviously means more profit for these types of services but, it also has many advantages for the average citizen as well. With the growing variety of types of food that are now being delivered right to your front door that means that families all over the world can now enjoy the experience of eating out without paying the high prices that most sit down restaurants charge. In today’s economy that is definitely a plus.

It also makes things easier for busy families with children. With tighter schedules than ever before and families trying to balance work, their children’s activities and other duties there are simply days when cooking a hot meal is out of the question. This left families with two choices, either eat out or prepare quick meals that lack balance. Now on those occasions when time is of an issue families can order from a home food delivery service and eat a more balanced meal while still making all those activities on time.

A delivery service is also a great convenience when those unexpected guests arrive. Instead of spending all your time in the kitchen cooking for those guests, you can enjoy a relaxing evening simply visiting and let someone else prepare the food and deliver it to your door. This makes less stress for the host or hostess and makes the evening more enjoyable for everyone.

Best of all the increase in the delivery service means that you have a much better chance of being able to order the type and style of food that you like instead of having to settle for the few choices that used to be available. It also means that you can choose different types of foods for different occasions depending on your mood, and your guests.

So while the growth in the food delivery service is profitable to these businesses it also makes life for the average citizen a little more convenient, enjoyable, and tasteful. Why not take the time to look around and see what types of food delivery services are available in your area. You will be glad you did.

Menu Planning Suggestions for Weddings

Making preparations for the perfect wedding can be the most stressful job you will ever undertake. While it may seem obvious, remember that who you plan to marry should be the biggest consideration of all. Apart from booking a banquet hall, buying clothes and hiring an event manager, you also need to spend some time to plan the menu. The quality of food served on an important social occasion like a  wedding can make or break the impression of guests about the weddings arrangements. You need to focus on a number of areas which are mentioned below:

Track record of the caterer

Look for the services of a catering service provider, who has the experience of preparing menus for different types of social occasions including anniversaries, weddings and birthday parties. Their chefs will have knowledge of the changing preferences and tastes of people, and will come up with tasty menus which suit the palate of your guests.

Menu planning

You need to consult the caterer to make a list of the different recipes which will be served to guests. The service provider will provide you with useful suggestions regarding the starters, main course as well as the desserts which will satisfy their tastes. Making an estimate of the ingredients will become easier as a result.

Type of cuisine

People whom you invite for the special occasion may come from different cultures and backgrounds. They might have reservations about having certain food items. The caterer can provide you with suitable alternatives which can be served to everyone. Therefore, to be on the safe side, don’t opt for any unusual food item.

Budget estimate

This is going to give you headache as some people whom you invite, fail to turn up at the last moment. Some guests might bring one or two extra family members with them. All these issues are likely to cause over estimation or under estimation of the amount of food which needs to be prepared. Therefore, you should take the help of the caterer to make an estimate about the exact proportion as well as the costs of all condiments beforehand.

Here’s a really handy article we found that explains how to best calculate the amount of food you will need for your wedding depending on the  number of guests.

Finally send your guests off with souvenirs of the entire event with original and impressive wedding favors. Try to make them match your theme. You can choose items that are fun or useful, or you can go with an edible treat. Although planning wedding could be difficult, the advice above will assist in making your wedding day a successful one. Hopefully the tips have helped you with some ideas to make menu planning suggestions of your wedding less of a nightmare and more fun.

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